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Thread: Duck Calls

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    Duck Calls

    Made these two over the Christmas break for a friend who is a hunter.

    The first is Argentinian Osage Orange and the second is Texas cedar with a malchite stone inlay in a bark inclusion and ring on the stopper.

    Thanks for looking!
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    So the shell goes in the call...where's the trigger? Just kidding!!! Great looking work Mason...of course the Cedar really stands out with the inlay, nice touch!
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    Nice Mason
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    They look great Mason.

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    Great looking calls.
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    I really like the cedar malachite one
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    Great looking calls Mason!
    I also like the Texas Cedar.
    Well done.

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    I like. Your friend will also.
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    those are cool.

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    If it's Argentine osage orange wouldn't that be "naranja de osage"?

    and instead of quack, quack wouldn't the call make the sound "curandero, curandero" ??

    Great looking calls... both are truly beautiful, but I like the effects of the inlay on the cedar best... are these single reeds or double... or are they the plastic reeds from HUT. Or can you make your own reeds... there was a web site that show how to cut and make your own reeds that I have long since lost. I haven't turned a duck call in over a year, but for a while was doing quite a few of them... right now I'm working on a couple of elk bugles for a fellow in Frank's neighborhood...
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