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Thread: future wood

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    future wood

    I took some vacation between Christmas and new years. I went to my dad's and cut a few trees. I will have them cut into boards later this spring. The morning that I went frost covered everything and it was a beautiful sight. I cut an ash that had about an 18' log and a soft maple that gave me about
    9'. I went back a couple days later and cut another maple because my son wanted to get in some saw time. That was fine with me as his saw with a 25" bar is more than I care to use very long. Let's just say that ibprofin was my freind for a couple of days. I now have 18' of ash, 9' walnut and 25' of soft maple. The first pic is the frost on the trees. The 2nd is the walnut log, 3 and 4 the ash and maple on the trailer and the last is the ash just after it hit the ground. I needed a break.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 003 (600 x 450)frost.jpg   100_0225 (600 x 452).jpg   woodworking 001 (600 x 450)log.jpg   woodworking 002 (600 x 450).jpg   004 (600 x 450)tree.jpg  

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    Wow - nice haul!

    About you and Ibuprofen being good friends for a couple days ... I hear ya!

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    Beautiful picture Rex. Can't wait to see the boards all cut up
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    Wonderful pics!

    Lots of lumber on the hoof there eh?
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    That will give you some nice lumber

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    Lots of projects in there, Rex. Have fun.

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    rex, if yu havnt sealed the ends yu should have.,.makes for better drying with less checking..that walnut looks real nice ,,looks like yu could hav4e gotten a longer log out of it the top end doesnt show any limb growth??? one thing to consider is to have some of it cut into 8/4 it takes longer to dry but if yu need thicker stuff yu have it
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