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Thread: It's Friday!!!

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    It's Friday!!!

    Tonight I've got to get my daughter's new car ready for inspections as well as my wife's and my own. Saturday I need to do some welding on the snow plow for my tractor, sounds like we'll have some to push next week. Hoping to get the trim up in the kitchen this week and get started on the cabinet doors.

    What do you have going on?

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    Working on the built-ins around the fireplace
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    New front pads on the car, hopefully. Going to HF to scope out the bandsaw there and to pick up the air ratchet to get the dang lower caliper bolt out.

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    Finalize the back splash and inventory how much QSRO I have left to see if I need any more so I can start making the wainscot for the dining room I guess I had better order the router bits for the tongue and groove part of the wainscot.
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    A few cold ones and dinner over at my BIL's house tonight and the rest of the weekend will be full of staying out of the cold and starting on redoing the basement bath...first up, pulling up a toilet that is original to the house...1951...the tank is hung on the wall and attached to the bowl, which is just screwed to the floor, by a 4" brass elbow...not sure what I'll find, but hoping the leak from beneath the bowl can be fixed easily and cheaply....
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    Going to Port Townsend tomorrow morning to aid in the annual volunteer shop clean-up party for the Port Townsend School of Woodworking. They send invitations out to local students of the school to volunteer in getting the school shops (Machine and Bench) ready for the coming year of classes. In addition to rubbing shoulders with other like minded people (woodworkers, students & instructors), you get a free lunch!

    We will spend the night and catch the ferry home on Sunday after eating at my favorite breakfast spot in Port Townsend.
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    Sitting around and sending estimates. kast two jobs back out due to unding issues.

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    Probably make another clamp rack to hold the parallel clamps. Can't decide between Larry's or Glenn's idea.

    Saturday a few of the kids and grandkids are coming over for the weekend so I'll probably be hiding out down in the shop after awhile Once the "girls start jabbering away for hours about clothes, husbands, and other stuff I don't want to hear about I quickly remember something crucial that has to be done in the shop.

    Sunday delivering the clock I made from some Michigan chocolate to my daughter along with a coffee table that I put a new top on for her. Hopefully in grateful appreciation she will make me her famous sausage pizza
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    Friends are coming to visit for the weekend, so I have to

    1) attempt to make the back patio not look like a hillbilly trash dump
    2) Run the rug doctor over the new carpet
    3) general cleaning
    4) No shop time...

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    Just finished setting up the new TV, a new 42" flat screen Samsung.. Christmas from the boys, so may have to break it in this weekend.... after I finish the pepper mill custom order I've got working in the shop... if the temperature rises enough so my toes don't freeze... It's probably about 35 deg in the shop this morning.... haven't been out yet to check.
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