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Thread: 1974 VW Beetle and Camper Roadtest

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    1974 VW Beetle and Camper Roadtest

    Now this is something else!

    Click Here
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Mooney View Post
    Now this is something else!

    Click Here
    Yes I posted that link a few years back as a recommendation of an RV for Vaughn. Pretty neat but I suspect top speed would be limited...


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    Wouldn't want to be caught in a strong cross wind with that.
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    I had a '72 VW camper bus with a pop top that my wife and I got to go camping in... only she decided the baby was too young to take camping so we never camped int it... I was commuting to work on highway 101 just about Coyote Point in San Mateo... the area is noted for high winds... a gust of wind hit the side of my bus and almost took the pop up top off... by the time I regained any composure I may have had, I discovered I had either been blown over one lane or when the top popped, I jumped and jerked the wheel over one lane... luckily traffic was light.
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    Man I just got to have me one of those.
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