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Thread: Russian Olive pedestal box

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    Russian Olive pedestal box

    This is some Russian Olive burl wood. It's bigger than any of these pedestal things I've ever done before, 13" tall by 6.5" across. The pedestal and finial are just some kind of mystery wood dyed black. I tried to replicate some of the shapes in the box in the finial and pedestal. The base of the pedestal and finial is similar to the box lid and then the flared out sections are similar to the body of the box. I kind of like the way the pedestal turned out but I'm still not sure about the finial. But after 3 tries on a finial I glued the sucker in and it's done.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Russian Olive pedestal box 7.jpg   Russian Olive pedestal box 3.jpg   Russian Olive pedestal box 4.jpg  

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    Beautiful Curt
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    looks good to me curt,, i think it was time to glue it in as well
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    Curt, that is a gorgeous piece. Beautiful wood and turned very well.

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    I am not a huge fan of finials and pedestals, but they sure work here. Super wood and turning, well done Curt

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    Curt you just ain't right. I try and try and try to get mine half as good as yours and just can't come close. IMHO it don't get any better than that. Glad to see ya posting over here, and keep them coming so i can keep trying to steel all your secrets.

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    Man thats nice. That qualifies for calendar work to me. Both the inside and outside of wonderful. You brought the grain out fantasticly.

    I dont know what i like more the inside or the outside. I think the inside is absolutely stunning.

    Well done. Send a pic to Vaughn for the calendar if its not too late.

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    very nice piece all the way around..not a finial/pedestal guy yet, but those sure look good to me! Thanks for posting!

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    I can't anything to what has been said but just echo it.
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    Hey Curt!!!
    The first thing I noticed was the progression of the stem to the cup...really nice! Flair on the cup is outstanding and the finial follows the stem and cup. It does not get better than that
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