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Thread: Tool battery and charger station

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    Tool battery and charger station

    Be kind, it's my first project posted here.

    Most of you know my affinity for cordless tools because I have no permanent power. Well, I had been wanting a better way to bring these batteries back and forth. Now, I have one.

    This was made from scrap from the planer cart I terminated a few months ago. This is also of my own design.

    Getting the pieces down to size.

    Skipped putting the dados in, but you get the idea.

    Charger on top, two removable shelves.

    Total capacity of seven batteries, I have five now.

    Left to do: sand the shelves down to make removing them easier, along with a finger pull. Edge band the whole thing. Put a back on and handles on the sides. Take down the sides a bit so it will fit in my kitchen cabinet. Make a hole for the power cord.

    And when the time comes, put on the French cleat so it can sit on my wall instead of a surface when I'm out there.

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    Nice jammies in pic #3.

    That looks like it will work. Nice job.

    I don't recognise the 3 things sitting on the shelf in pic #4.
    Are those batteries?

    I have 1 cordless drill and the batteries or charger look nothing like what you have pictured. Interesting.



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    Daughter wanted to be in the picture.

    Yeah, those are the bottom of the batteries. Made holes in the shelves for them to sit upside down in.

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    Nice work Chris, looks like it will be a handy rack to have in the shop.

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    Looks like you had a helper Looks good Chris. Good idea
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    Good stuff. Keeping those items corraled will protect them and keep them handy.
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