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Thread: GREAT storage solution. And it's CHEAP!

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    GREAT storage solution. And it's CHEAP!

    A couple years ago they opened a new Chinese carryout place not far from my house. They've got great food at a reasonable price. Another benefit of this place is that they use a very convenient and reusable container for their carryout orders. Over time I've collected them and reused them many times for leftovers and just other small storage solutions. If you're like me, you have a drawer or cabinet full of miscellaneous tupperware or other brand storage containers. There are a lot of those things out there now in the grocery stores. The trouble is that those things are pretty expensive and they don't last very long. I've found that the lids deform if you put them in the dishwasher and they don't seal very well. I've also found that I end up with several different brands and the lids aren't interchangeable so I end up with a bunch of mismatched lids and containers and can never find two that work together. I've got a big drawer FULL of this kind of stuff.

    My supply of the nice takeout containers has dwindled due to using them for other purposes and giving them away when sending leftovers home with guests and such. We've cut back on eating out as much as we used to due to the increasingly difficult economy. I decided that I was going to stop into the restaurant and ask them where they bought those containers. I figured it might be a local restaurant supply house. The trouble is that they are VERY Chinese and hard to communicate with. Then I looked at the bottom of one of the containers and found out who the manufacturer was. In about thirty seconds through Google, I found the company has a web site. In about two more minutes, I found the container and sent them an email asking if I could purchase some of them and the cost. I just received an email back with a price and it's MUCH cheaper than I thought it was going to be. I can buy a case of 150 combos (container and lid) for $60 including shipping!

    I think I'm going to order a case and pitch all of that old mismatched container mess into the recycle bin and stock that drawer with these containers. Both the containers and the lids nest together very well and take up very little space. They are made of a very durable vinyl/plastic that holds up very well in the dishwasher. I've had some of them for over a year and they're still like new. I can find many uses for them other than just leftovers. They're great for holding small assorted hardware and other items. Heck, for .40 each they're a real bargain. They are about 5" wide x 8" long and 2-1/2" high with the domed lid installed. They hold 32 oz. (quart) Here's what they look like...

    I'm betting that a case is going to last me for YEARS. I just thought I'd give you all a heads up in case you're like me and always looking for a good container to store leftover food or just some miscellaneous items. If you're interested in ordering some, drop me a line via PM and I'll send you the contact information. The company is located in New Jersey and will send them UPS ground.

    Take care

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    That is a great find for sure!
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    I need to make sure that my wife doesn't read this thread or she would want to order a few dozen.

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    In our area, we have a company called "GFS," AKA "Gordon Food Supply," which carries all sorts of restaurant supplies, including containers like you've shown. (GFS is a fairly large chain in the Midwest, so there may be one near many of us.) We use a lot of different containers, both around the house and in the shop. My wive used some of them for storing her quilting projects and supplies, and I also use some of them in the shop.

    What I also find very useful are the little 'condiment cups.' They're great for mixing small amounts of glue, finish, putty, or whatever. They come in 1, 2, and 3 ounce sizes, and I use all of them. Sleeves of a hundred cups only cost a couple or three dollars.

    BTW, when I lived in SoCal, there was a similar company called "Smart & Final."
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    Thanks Jim!

    I've got a GFS about .2 of a mile from my house. I checked their web site and it looked like they only sold paper and aluminum containers. I'll have to drop in there and check what they have before ordering any of these.

    "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"

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    That's using the old noggin.
    More better than paying $4.99 each at the BORG.
    I buy liquid handsoap by the gallon for less than it costs for a small, but pretty, bottle at the store. I get from a local industrial/janitorial/restaurant supply outlet in town. Will have to look for those containers.
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    John thats a great idea. I have a friend through hockey that molds those kind of containers here. Got given a few too.

    One idea i had seen somewhere and thought of doing was to make a custome storage unit to have the containers slide in and out of.

    Somthing like a narrow bookshelf the width of the container minus the edge. The depth is the length of the container. Then you cut a dado on each side of the shelf uprights and it slides in the dado resting on the overhang edge. This way you can label the lower side edge and they store like draws would. Not sure i am making myself clear.

    Best pic i can find that sort of illustrates the idea is this Except in this case they put in a bar for the plastic to run on. With a smaller tub like yours you could slot the sides with dados and run it in 3/4 ply.

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