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Thread: question for those HVAC guru's out there.

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    question for those HVAC guru's out there.

    OK my house has two heat pumps one on the west side of the house and one on the east side of the house. The one on the west side is fine, the one on the east side has started acting up intermittently sometimes the fan will not want to come up to speed and sometimes it has not problem. It seem that when it gets really cold the fan will try to start but can't get up to speed so it just bogs down. when it warm up a little it has no problem. I suspect the starting capacitor but ain't sure so what is your opinion.
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    yu need to put 10w30 in it don for the cold temps to spin easier and then when its hot the 30 weight will proteck it
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    Actually, Larry may be on the right path. Once it runs for a bit, and warms up, it's okay - right?

    Check the bearings in the fan. They may need lubed. The colder (yeah, thet's a relative term for Phoenix ) weather may have congealed the grease in the bearings a bit.
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    I suspect sticky lube myself..


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