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Thread: Drilling a straight hole in a Bed Rail

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    Drilling a straight hole in a Bed Rail

    Does any one have a good way (Jig) for drilling a straight hole in a Bed Rail ?
    The Rail is 78" long by 6" wide by 1 1/8" thick. The hole is 1/4" dia by 4" deep in the end of the 1 1/8" thick piece.

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    I made a guide jig. Square a block of hardwood (squaring is very important) the same size as the end of the bed rail. Drill a hole straight through it with a drill press. Measure the entry and exit hole from the edges to be certain the hole is straight, i.e. dimensions should be identical. Then glue and nail a piece of scrap ply to the side of the block to clamp to the bed rail.

    I have long drills so no problem with that. If you don't then start it off with the guide jig, remove it and finish off using the pilot hole just created.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    I assume you are drilling into the long rails for bed bolts. When doing that, it is difficult to hit the hole for the cross dowel accurately. The trick is to drill the deep holes first, using something like Dan Gonzales's jig. Then you use another jig to tell you exactly where the hole is, so you can hit it with the cross dowel hole, an easier task because it's not so deep. This second jig looks a lot like the first, except that instead of a hole, it has a solidly anchored dowel that fits into the hole in the bed rail. You can drill a hole in this second jig to act as a guide, making sure the hole is heading straight at the dowel. If you put the dowel into the bed rail hole, the guide will point the cross dowel hole right at the rail hole, even if it is slightly off where it should be.

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