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Thread: 12" resaw bandsaws- any opinions?

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    12" resaw bandsaws- any opinions?

    Hi all, Any suggestions or opinions on bandsaws with 12" or so of resaw capacity? Looking at FWW, they looked at Griz (G0514X2B, G0513X2B), Jet (18Q, 18QT), Laguna (LT14SUV), Rikon, Shop Fox and Steel City. Their favorite was the G0514X2B. TIA, Charlie

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    The only one on that list that I have seen is ths Steel City. I expect that the Steel City that you looked at had 1 1/2hp motor and granit drive wheel . I compared it to another SC that was 14" , but only had 6" resaw. The unit with the granit wheel coasted very nice and longer than the other unit. I have heard that the Griz are good also but haven't been around them.

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    I couldn't say enough nice things about the G0513x2 - I ordered mine about 2 weeks before they came out with the x2b and while my saw takes a full 22 seconds for the blade to stop once I hit the off button, I can't say I'm too upset without the electronic brake.

    It's a fine saw - the only complaint I have is the fence handle is in a dumb location. I fixed it with a little round brass and a strip of 1" aluminum. After that, i can't say I've had any trouble at all with it.

    Some guys have noticed that the guide bearings get a little sticky fairly soon. That's because grizz uses shielded bearings rather than double sealed. That's the only other negative i've heard from anyone and I know at least 4 or 5 others who have the same saw. We're all happy folks
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    Another happy G0513X owner. If the G0514X2B is in the budget, based on my really positive experience with the 513, I'd do the 514 in a heartbeat.
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    a very happy Grizzly owner here as well

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    Unless you are really strapped for shop space, a 14" is the minimum I would care to have.
    As for brands, I have had consistent good experience with Grizzly tools and service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    Unless you are really strapped for shop space, a 14" is the minimum I would care to have.
    As for brands, I have had consistent good experience with Grizzly tools and service.
    Frank, he is talking about the 14" bandsaws, but the ones with 12" of resaw capacity. The 14" size is the size of the wheels on the saws. The typical 14" old school cast iron bandsaw had about 6" of resaw capacity without the riser block. A lot of the newer welded steel frame saws have 12" to start with.

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