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Thread: Glass plate for lapping...

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    Glass plate for lapping...

    Just wanted to throw this out as an FYI.

    Before I got my granite plate, I used glass for lapping all my hand tools.

    I found a very inexpensive way to get tempered glass.

    I went down to my local glass company and explained what I was looking for (tempered glass for sharpening my tools) and they gave me a piece for free. When they temper glass they usually do a couple more in case one breaks during the process.

    The glass I got for free was for the windows in a fireplace. It measured 4 1/2 x 12 inches. Perfect for me when I was doing plane blades and chisels.

    This is also a good way to get discounts on glass for projects, especially if your project can work around the size of the glass a little. Since they sometimes have these extra pieces from larger projects, they offer them at reduced prices. A lot cheaper than special ordering tempered glass.

    Just thought I'd share! All have a great day!


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    Yep, I use a couple of pieces I got they are thick, about 1/2" and are from a bank door, so they are strong and flat, and yeah, cheap
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    FWIW i just use a piece of MDF. its flat and easy to find, not to mention cheap
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    Glass plate for lapping...

    I have been using a piece of 3/4" plate glass for my honing. I got it years ago from a glass shop friend (has one chipped edge, not sharp), all the edges had been polished prior to the chip, and it was free.

    Works for me.

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