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Thread: Raised Panel resized?

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    Raised Panel resized?

    got a raised panel that is in a door section, that i need to make the whole thing shorter by 13" so i need to shorten the raised panel that much as well.. how would yu do it, cant take the door apart..need to work with it already glued up.. and i dont see a good way to splice the two parts back together.. its gonna be a painted and one side wont be seen this is gonna be a foot board for a bed..
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    ok there yu have them alan..
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    I just did a cabinet door for my last employer. I just crosscut the door to what was supposed to be the finished height then I removed the panel and cut it to length and ran the profile on it. I carefully cut the stiles from the rail and whittled out the remaing pieces.

    A picture of the door your trying to resize would help greatly to determine the best approach.

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    will go get a picture of it now alan,,
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    Here it goes Larry. I take it your cutting the door down in length? If so I would cut it to finished length. I would then calculate the new length of the raised panel and cut it so the joint would end up about where the flat portion of the panel meets the profile cut into it. Hope that makes sense? I know its painted but no matter how well we try the joints always show back up and what better way to hide them than at the edge or corner of a profile.

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    Ok my turn
    Cut the 13" off the end than take that end and cut the style out of it. Cut just a bit longer than it is so as not to mess up the joint. Carve chip dig the renaming rail out of the style. Trim the panel to length re- shape the panel slide it back into the door slide the style back drill in through the rail and pin it in with say a 3/8" dowel.
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    What is the distance from the center of the 2nd rail to the center of the 3rd rail? If it is close to the 13" needed, how do you feel about an asymmetrical 2 panel food board? You could cross cut the door at the center of the 2nd and 3rd rails and take out the center panel section and glue it all back together.

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    I would very carefully lift up the panel, hold it over your head, then smash it on the corner into a concrete floor to pop the rails and stiles. Salvage what you can for panels and just cut new rails + stiles.

    Anything else you're going to waste a whole mess of time.

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    ok, trying not to over think this. why not just tilt the blade on the tablesaw 45 degrees, cut what you need to out of the center of the large section, then glue it back together as a scarf joint? no need to match shapes, or take apart the frame. with a bit of wood filler, and paint, should look as good as new.
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    Just cut a 13" chunk out of the middle-ish left side, and then dowel the two remaining pieces back together. (this is where a good jig like the dowelmax would be helpful) It just going to be painted, so sand it and put on some good paint.

    Here's a similar example: Couple years ago I came across this web page of a guy (Jake von Slatt) who converted a school bus into a camper. He salvaged a lot of stuff from the dump, including some doors, which he cut into pieces and glued back together to make his passage doors in the bus. (link here, about 2/3 down the page. Again here, at the bottom of the page.) He doesn't really go into a lot of detail as to how he did it, but from the photo it seems clear to me that there was no fussing about with redoing the panel, he just glued it together. One more link - showing most of his finished work on the doors + cabinets.

    Probably not the absolute best way to do it, but it seems simpler.
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    Wow this should have been a poll or at least we should have a poll on which answer is best.

    It why i love this place. The realization that there are many more ways to skin the cat than one when it comes to woodworking.

    I vote for a combo of Chuck and Alans way. However that only achieves length. Now Rennie the design concious one among us brought up the symetry aspect and i would say that brings in the fact that as a footboard you gonna look at this all the time and it would bug me.

    So given all the lumber you have and that shop and heavy duty router, well I think Karl has a real good point.

    Arts guy well that to me is fine for a camper but something in the house, well thats different. Of course if this is for a paying customer and they trying to skim money out of your quote do the Art or Dan special. To heck with it cut it an woodfiller roll on.

    Thats my vote.

    Think on Dans idea it has lots of merit. A good scarf joint with careful attention to tear out in the event those panels inthere are ply. Well that would be two cuts and you done and you could satisfy Rennie the designer.

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