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Thread: Just back from Haiti

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    Just back from Haiti

    I just returned from an incredible trip exploring some potential future mission trips AND to meet the little girl we are adopting. I thought I would share a few pictures here as it really and truly does look just like the media portrays it.

    A trip like this really puts American "problems" into perspective.
    Every child deserves a family. Adopt. Foster. Get involved.

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    and to think some complain about mowing a small lot in the cities yard, those folk dont have a yard just a trash heap to wander yur looking forward to having the new addition to your family barry.. boy or girl
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    Congrats Barry for stepping up.

    I do however have to wonder where all the help dollars have went. Corruption must be rampant in the area.
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    Many of the dollars went to improving infrastructure, like clean water. And it wouldn't be a big surprise to find that too much wound up in private pockets.

    I lost a friend from seminary in that earthquake. He, his wife, and his cousin were there to teach. His wife and cousin got out when the building they were in collapsed. Ben didn't. He was in his middle twenties, an incredibly talented young man. He would have graduated last May.

    Thanks, Barry, for the work you are doing there. And blessings on your adoption. I know the blessings will work both ways.

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    It's always eye opening to see pictures like that when they come from a more trusted source than the media.

    Congratulations on the adoption, hope all goes well.

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    wow, channel 5 local news just tonight was having a segment about how and if the money donated(earthquake was one year ago) is getting to the people.
    The news claims 90% of the damage from the quake is still the same,nothing has been redone.
    It showed a bunch of pickup trucks donated with weeds growing on them that havent been put to use yet, something about high importing taxes.
    Its such a shame.

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    Congratulations on the adoption. I wish for you health and happiness all around.
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    Thanks for the kind words folks, they are appreciated!

    For those interested in the orphanage's story since the earthquake, it can be found here:
    Every child deserves a family. Adopt. Foster. Get involved.

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