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Thread: Magnetic Pen Caps

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    Red face Magnetic Pen Caps

    I have just started to turn pens which have magnetic caps. I have used Penn State and Craft Supplies, 2 models, so far. My question is are there other types or manufactures I can purchase. Thanks! Myrl Nofziger

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    myrl, you might get a better response if this was in the turners section, If you would like I can move it for you. Oh and welcome to the forum.
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    Yes, welcome to the Family.
    Craft Supplies is good but you need to be careful with your selections. Their catalog can be confusing and is prone to errors.
    Packard Woodworks has a good selection and is a quality outfit.
    Check out Beartooth Woods. Smaller supplier dedicated to innovative products and great service.
    There are many others as well but you will discover these with time. If you want more, just ask again.
    We would like to see pictures of your work.
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    I haven't found any other mag top kits. Never had any issues with CSUSA either, but it can happen to anyone!
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    Welcome and warning: turning pens is a gateway activity into the costlier areas of woodturning. Very addictive!

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    Myrl, has some of those kits in a version with screw caps. If you would like more specific pen turning tutorials check out Also, is a pen kit manufacturer you might want to check out. And yes it is an addicting craft..

    Welcome to the family.
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