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Thread: Ye never know

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    Ye never know

    I got a nice check from my art gallery yesterday. Surprise because I thought all my inventory had been stolen recently.
    Ennyhow, one of the items sold was a Baron pen made with Big Leaf Maple burl. I had long (very long) thought it was one of my prettiest pens ever. But, mysteriously, it never sold. Wasn't real fancy, but the wood was a knock-out. (I think BLMB is one of the prettiest woods there is)
    In the pic it is about right in the middle, shown at the art gallery. Yes, it was made during my 'fatty' days. I no longer do the bulgy thing.
    It has sat, unsold for, at least, five years. I was always puzzled why it hadn't sold.
    For those curious about pricing, it went for $140.00.
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    Congrats Frank on the sales. Really a nice set of pens there. It amazes me sometimes how pieces can sit in a gallery for months maybe years and never sell then all of a sudden they do. I had bottle stoppers made of acrylic. The wooden ones sold as fast as I could make them but these acrylic ones didn't. All of a sudden this Christmas after sitting for 3 yrs they all sold. Go figure.
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