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Thread: Book bargains for those of you on the verge ?????

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    Book bargains for those of you on the verge ?????

    I saw this over at Taunton book bargain clearance and well thought i would post a link to it here for those of you that are looking into upgrading your electrical and want to get some background and education. This is a good book and for $6.00 how can you go wrong.

    Wiring a House $6.24

    I know this one was printed in 2008 but for our shop purposes i bet most of the codes that apply are still valid in it

    Code Check Electrical $4.74

    How could you go wrong. Would you rather have to pay a lawyer to establish if the electrician has done the right thing after you have hired him to do the work. Educate yourself and be aware so you can question him when he does something you dont think is correct.

    Yeah been watching too many Holmes on Homes shows.

    Thank goodness for Books.

    Then for those of you that want some good insight into a total shop reno or construction and want the reference handy check out this one for $4.xx

    Setting up Shop $4.99

    For those setting up a one man business check this one out

    Smart Business for Contractors $4.99 for this price the infor is for free, just sacrifice a cup of starbucks for something that could make your business. Of course only if you read it and past page 3.

    And for those that are mods, I hope one day we shall indulge in some change to our site and perhaps add a book section to our forum. It would encourage more to venture forth and buy books to get the finer points on an aspect maybe covered by someone here but not in sufficient detail.

    Yeah i know the answer already we have enough subsections to our forum.

    Who says we cannot add some more????
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    I have been thinking about a book club as well Rob.
    If you don't take pride in your work, life get's pretty boring.

    Rule of thumb is if you donít know what tool to buy next, then you probably donít need it yet.

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    Thanks for the heads-up Rob!

    I ordered 2 of the books you highlighted, plus 3 copies of Raffan's "Turning Wood".

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