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Thread: Are you an AAW member?

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    Are you an AAW member?

    Is any one here a member of the "American Association of Woodturners"? Last summer I won a gift certificate for a one year membership. I have not sent it in yet. I was just wondering if any one here was a member and if you benefit from being a member?
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    I am not a member but many of my local woodturning club members are. They enjoy the membership and claim several benefits, including a great magazine.
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    I am a member of AAW. I'd say the main things I get from it are the magazine (including all the back issues online) and the bodily injury insurance coverage that applies if and when I'm doing a club demo. (Haven't done any demos yet, but I do have one on the books for July.) Aside from that, the other benefits of membership really haven't affected me yet. I participate on the AAW forum, but I know of several other forums that are much more helpful (and which have fewer resident blowhards).

    I have been turned off by much of the infighting that goes on within the organization, especially the scandal that happened last year in regards to the Executive Director being fired. Still, that whole thing didn't really affect me, since I didn't get involved in any of the drama.
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    I'm a member, and I agree with Vaughn's assessment about the benefits. For me, the journal is the one perk that will keep me on the membership roll. I occasionally read the forum, but I rarely post. I prefer several other forums to the AAW site.

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    Insurance and magazine are my motivating factors for continuing membership. When I win the drawing for the Powermatic lathe at the end of the year I'll come back and edit this post to add it as a recognized benefit

    I'm with Vaughn on the drama issue. Too much of it.

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    Ditto what Vaughn said. I am a member and the woodturner magazine is pretty good. There is not much activity on the forum. In fact a lot of it doesn't involve turning which disappoints me. I have belonged to the forum since 2006 and have only posted 261 time. I have been to two Symposiums that are really nice to attend and learn a lot from the demo's plus the gallery is nice.
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    I'm not a member, but I'm thinking of joining because of the mag and the fact that this year's symposium is only 3hrs away. I take a look at the journal each month at the local Barnes & Noble and buy it if there is something of interest in it. Having access to all the back issues would be pretty cool too. I followed the brewhaha that went on this past year over there and was a bit put off by both sides of what happened...
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    I'm not a member...yet. They have a good club in Fresno which has been a compelling reason to join.
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    I am not a member either and at this time I simply choose not to participate in the memebership and fees etc......I agree to with Vaughn with the scandel - corruption - favoritisim on and on, and there is alot that things posted that do not relate to woodturning but I do post on there from time to time. Why?, because there are alot of very nice pro's and experienced turners on there that I have written back and forth to and have been a large help in many areas of turning from tools, dying, finishes etc.....

    Still there are others that are arrogant and even to the point of being almost argumentative and rude. A couple that i can think of that I can almost guarantee you there response teader on being offending at times.

    I follow three websites on turning and that is one of them - I have limited it down because I do not have time to follow to many but I to find that there are others that are equally as helpful. I would hope some day the professionalism of the AAW will be there.............just my opinion
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Baugues View Post
    Is any one here a member of the "American Association of Woodturners"? Last summer I won a gift certificate for a one year membership. I have not sent it in yet. I was just wondering if any one here was a member and if you benefit from being a member?
    I have been a member since before my first lathe arrived. I have enjoyed every issue of the Journal even when I had not yet turned. There is something for everyone there and well worth the price of the dues. I am not a professional woodturner however I like to approach turning in a professional manner. To me that means supporting the only professional organization representing woodturners here in the U.S.
    As I am sure you are aware, the word "professional" can be used to describe an approach and not a major means of income.

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