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Thread: Check for Alzhiemer's

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    Check for Alzhiemer's

    : Check for Alzheimer' s - Pretty Amazing!
    Been in my family and found this to be good.





    > The following was developed as a mental age assessment by the School

    > of Psychiatry at Harvard University . Take your time and see if you

    > can read each line aloud without a mistake.


    > The average person over 40 years of

    > age cannot do it!


    > 1. This is this cat.

    > 2. This is is cat.

    > 3. This is how cat.

    > 4. This is to cat.

    > 5. This is keep cat.

    > 6. This is an cat.

    > 7. This is old cat.

    > 8..This is fart cat.

    > 9. This is busy cat.

    > 10. This is for cat.

    > 11. This is forty cat.

    > 12. This is seconds cat.



    > Now go back and read the third word in each line from the top down and

    > I betcha' you cannot resist passing it on!

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    i passed dave,, and last night while tryun on a new pair off glasses i won a bet with the glasses fittin g lady that i could read a paragraph correctly with it being backwards. i done,, but i have read backwards for a long time..
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    Couldn't resist and got a good chuckle from that... I know a few people that I think needs to get this...
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    yea it keep looking for 40 seconds.

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