Hi all this aint woodworking however i figure its something some of you might just like to know if you dont already.

So some years back i bought a real good deal at Best Buy. Was a HP2600 color laser printer. For what i do real handy. Came with 4 full toner cartridges. I cannot remember but it was under $500 at the time. This is a full duplex and network ready machine so not bad for that price at the time.

Ok so time comes to purchase a toner cartridge and i see over $120 in Canda. Well that was it for me. Then the guy at Staples says to me check this out. They had the HP2600n on sale with full cartridges for $199. Well that was a no brainer so i bought another printer. Used the cartridges in my existing one because its duplex and then stored the printer for whatever.

So before time came to replace the cartridges again i decide i was going to try the refill route since Hp actually provide you with shipping labels to ship the old one back, of course at your expense.

Found this crown on Ebay and gave them a try with black and then the whole color set. They supply everything you need including the chip but if you dont have a soldering iron like i do with a fine tip you need to buy their gadget to cut a holes in the plastic where neccessary to be able to clean out and refill toner.

Ok so have done this on all 8 cartridges and even done it more than once and the printing is getting somewhat fuzzy and colors not coming out right etc. I reckon after having spoken to the toner people that its time for a cartridges since they say they can only be re used a few times.

Well i have had my moneys worth but I still hate paying the price for this toner and cartridges and figure well maybe its time for a new printer given a set of 3 color cartridges in the US go for just over $230 more in Canada ofcourse.

So i look and man the printers aint that cheap if i want what i have now. Seems they gone up a little.

Then i decided for some strange reason to check online just to see if there are any repairs or faults on the HP 2605 or 2600 series.

Well what do you know. Turns out that toner dust and general dust can penetrate the laser chamber where the rotating mirrors are and the whol reflective system and if this happens your printing goes wonky just like i was experiencing. Well this printer tech decided since these printers were so low cost people dont want to pay for the hourse it takes to repairs so he would post a DIY on the whole thing to be able to have people fix them themselves if they so inclined.

Sure enough. I did the whole routine and now my laser is like new. Tried some old cartridges that i thought had given up the ghost and they work like new. So its more toner for me and i am still in businesss with this printer and even have its lesser brother as spares should the laser burn out.

So before you go tossing out a laser or its cartridges

1) Know you can refill them with toner just like the ink jets but less iffy.
2) Know that there is a unit in the machine with mirrors that can be accessed and cleaned with a dozen or so earbudds
3) Check the internet for your model just incase.

You need to be a little mechanically and technically minded to do this but it was well worthwhile and a real delight when i got it all going again.