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Thread: Little tiny cracks

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    Little tiny cracks

    I have a nice Curly maple vase, about half dry, on the chuck and was unable to finish it. Just the outside shape was done. I tossed it in the DNA bucket for a week. I'm on limited/no movement for 6 weeks so I wrapped it up in newspaper and put it in the cabinet about a week ago and checked on it this morning....some minor checking 1/16" wide here and there.
    Would I have been better off to wrap it in plastic wrap and leave it on the chuck? Should I have bored a hole in the center prior to soaking? Inquiring minds need to know!
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    Leaving wet wood in the chuck can be problematic, since the chuck can stain the wood deeply. (I just re-learned that fact recently with some wet mesquite I left in the chuck overnight.)

    For your piece of curly maple, I think a hole might have helped a little, but it still might not have prevented the wood movement from cracking the blank. At this point, I'd say just let it dry the rest of the way and see what you end up with. Sometimes the little cracks will close up and disappear as the piece finishes drying. And if they don't, they may still be small enough to turn them away.

    What's the story on the limited/no movement for 6 weeks?
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    I agree with Vaughn. I think a hole or some hollowing might have prevented the checking but not saying it still wouldn't check.

    Hope everything is ok Jim?
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    Probably not alot more help with you on that but what I have done in the past is that if I am unable to finish the project I have sprayed it with some soapy water and covered it with plastic. I have even done this and let it sit for days but I will take it off each evening and spray it a bit more and re-wrap it. Then when I can hollow it out .............
    I suppose DNA would have worked better for you if it were hollowed out fairly well......

    I have friend that if he can not complete his project he sticks in in a 5 gal bucket with 50-50 liquid dishwashing soap and water (Ron Kent thing). Then pulls it back out when he decides to and finishes turning it. Cheap and easy to do I guess - I used to do something similar and it does work but a bit messy......................
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