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    Plastic Box

    I had a piece of wood that was soooo punky I just couldn't hold it together, but it is so pretty I just couldn't give up on it. So, I decided to give a try at casting it. I roughed it out as best I could, soaking it with wood hardener as I went. Made a mold out of a plastic container. I put a small container inside (pill bottle) so I would waste as much Alumilite. Poured it and stuck it in my pressure pot for a few hours. Than I did the same with what was left of the lid. Then I turned it. I ended up with this little plastic box! My wife doesn't like the "plastic" look. I haven't made up my mind yet. No matter it was fun.
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    Interesting technique. Not sure if I like the way it looks but interesting anyway.

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    It's kinda cool. Reminds me of the bugs and scorpions encased in plastic, I dont' mean that in a cheesy way. It's cool to see something like that up close and appreciate it the way it is.

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    Nice save Dave!
    I like it.
    Well done.

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    Yes, very pretty wood and a resourceful way to save it. You created something unique.
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    I like it....unusual....good save....
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    sounds like a similar technique they use to make pens out of uncommon materials. I love the wood, what is it?

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    That'll get ya a nomination to the "How'd they do that" Hall of Fame!! The box is really cool...but the plastic on the nob...ehhhh. That's really the only thing giving it away as made in ROC. Good job on the casting! No easy feat!
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