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Thread: Good deal on a nova g3

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    Good deal on a nova g3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Thoits View Post
    This guy is a regular on eBay (that's his usual price, I believe). I bought a chuck from him and have been happy with it. However, the thread adaptor inset that I originally got with it didn't run true, and he charged me for the replacement. Still, I'd buy from him again, because his prices are hard to beat.
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    I purchased one from that seller almost a year ago and it has been fine.
    During mfg Nova did not clear the shards/chads when they drilled through for the key to seat. It did have runout to start with but when I removed the insert and gave the inside threads a cleaning with a wire brush and air it was no problem and runs true. I have not seen them elsewhere for that price including the insert/shipping/taxes.
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