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Thread: Desert Walnut

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    Desert Walnut

    Here's another little hollow form/vase that was made from something called desert walnut. I bought the wood from another turner, and that's how it was labeled.

    The inspiration for this one was a piece turned by Curt Fuller that was done for the SMC turner's challenge last year. For the record, his piece is much nicer.

    It's about 4" tall and finished with shellac, BLO, and wipe on poly. I'm considering knocking down the gloss a little.

    Comments and criticism appreciated.
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    i am not a spinny guy,, but i like wood.. and i usually am not a fan of high gloss finishes,, but i would say that your piece is definitly ok with it.. thats one fine piece there and the top shape lends it slef well to the larger bottom area.. well done
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    4" tall?

    That's incredible!
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    Very nice.

    I am with you as far as the gloss goes. It is overpowering the beautiful wood.
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    You know how big of a "plastic on wood" fan I am David, but the amount of gloss on here looks good. Not to mention the whole thing. The belly shape is great. Well done all around!
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    I really like it, David. I think it'd look equally nice either glossy or not.
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    As I said before David. That is a beautiful piece.
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    Doc as always great job.

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    I love it! Nice work and I don't mind the shinny finish.
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    Very nice!
    I like the form along with the great finish.
    Well done.

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