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Thread: RAS Cabinet/Stand

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    RAS Cabinet/Stand

    Well, made a little more progress on my RAS cabinet/stand. I'm at the point now where I can actually work on tuning it up to make sure it makes accurate square cuts. But not today, Amazing how much of a mess I made just putting this one little cabinet in place and wiring things up...

    One thing that Darren had suggested when I started down this path was putting in some dust collection. I thought that was a great idea so I did.

    But Since I also though I might run a collection port to the table to the left of the saw, I figured I needed a blast gate on the saw table, So I rigged up a sliding blast gate with bell crank so that I could have a little lever to pull on the front of the saw to shut it off. Works great. About an inch and a half of pull on the lever and the gate closes.

    I also wasn't wild about the saw having only a little toggle switch mounted to the front of the machine to turn it on and off, so I picked up a little magnetic safety switch with a big off paddle to mount to the front of the cabinet. In the case of power failure, this makes sure the saw doesn't start up unexpectedly. No electronic brake on the saw, so once you turn it on it takes quite a while for the blade to wind down.

    Now I have to make and install some drawers for it and to create a stock support system for the left and right sides of the saw.

    But first, I need to clean the shop and make some more storage cabinets...

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    Nice job! Really like the dust collection port. May have to take that idear when I get dad's RAS over at my place.

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    The back wall and the 'ramps' are 1/4" melamine. Thought that would make it a little more slippery to help with getting the dust down the chute.

    As I look at it, I'm wondering if I should have offset the chute to the left, but too late now.

    I really don't plan on using this thing at an angle very often, and really just want to make sure it does perfect 90 degree cuts...

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    Good design. Too bad my saw has been built in for 20 years or I'd copy your design. Really don't want to change 'cause everything is working nice. Mebbe you'll come up with some other ideas I can

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