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Thread: Comfort Food

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    Comfort Food

    Well LOML told me tonight that she didn't really feel like eating dinner and asked if I could fend 4 myself, so after careful consideration I opened a can of Cambells Tomato soup and make a toasted cheese sandwich, brings back memories of my youth.
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    Good stuff there Don.

    Sharon had me make some home made 'Mater soup the other day and grilled cheese for dinner. It's amazing what you can do with canned tomatoes...

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    Reminds me of when I would come home for lunch when I was in elementary school. My mom made grilled cheese and tomato soup for me everyday in the winter. She made the soup with milk instead of water because it was healthier. I liked it with water better. She loved to sing. She would stand at the stove singing songs like " 3 little fishies" "how much is that doggie in the window" "Tennessee waltz"

    Great memories Don. Thanks.
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    MMMMM 'Mater soup and grilled cheese, nothin' better!

    But speaking of "comfort food", it's so cold out today that I think a nice fresh batch of homemade Mac-n-Cheese may be in order. I've got a killer recipe and it might be just the ticket on a cold winter day. I made a big pot of chili the other night and finished it off last night. That's another good dish for cold winter evenings.

    Take care

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