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Thread: Creating a template

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    Creating a template

    Now that I have my bandsaw, I am closer than ever to getting this kitchen table project started.

    My first step is to make the chairs. To do so I need to make the chair legs, which means I need a template. This is where I have a little trouble. I don't know how to make the sweeping curves an lines look like they belong. I attempted to make one a few weeks ago but it was very lumpy.

    Any tools I can use to make sure I get these lines right? And should the width of the leg be mostly constant throughout?

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    There are several ways to draw a sweeping curve. Here's an article that covers several of them...

    (I think it's viewable without having a Fine Woodworking web subscription.)

    I've used a thin strip of 3/4" hardwood on edge (like the batten the article describes starting on page 74) bent to the shape I wanted and held in place with small finishing nails or push pins.
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    For a sweeping curve I would make up a 3' long x 1/8" thick x what stock U have and use a string to tension it to the curve I want.sort of like this Lee Valley one
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