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Thread: Majestic jr in cocobolo

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    Majestic jr in cocobolo

    I thought I better post something before Vaughn suspects I traded the lathe for another gutiar! I have a couple of small HF's to post later this week and then down to Florida for sunshine or OJ, and a visit with my cousin and his wife.
    I dont usually do these showbiz type pens, but this was a request from a guy who was very kind to me when I was down a few yrs back, and now his mentor has been given a nasty diagnosis and readying for the treatment protocols. A chance to say thank you.

    Majestic jr fountain pen: Rhodium and Black T/N on cocobolo. Shellac and EEE paste polish. I left it out in the sun for a day, hoping to get a red streak going, but alas it just looks like the king of the rosewood clan.....
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    Ooh! That is sweet. I'm sure it'll be a very appreciated gift.

    (And no worries...I know you ain't gonna sell your lathe. You're hooked as bad as the rest of us.)
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    Lovely pen and a nice gesture.

    Enjoy the sand and surf, and be sure to pick up some nice wood while you're down there.

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    Great looking Writing Instrument!
    Well done.
    It will be greatly appreciated.

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    Wow, very nice. I love cocobolo and how it can vary in colour and grain. Nice to see the Majestic Jr. too as i want to get the starter package to try. Thanks for sharing.

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    Great looking pen and even a nicer gestures Michael.
    Bernie W.

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