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Thread: Nascar Sucks

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    Red face Nascar Sucks

    .... As E-mails go, didn't think this sort of thing still existed in the good old U.S.A.

    Thinking about a project without ACTION is just DAY DREAMING .

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    Spent some years in the south. Think this is funny. Well not.

    But you yell "fire" in a crowded theater you got to expect people to react. Although notice they got more upset about "NASCAR SUCKS" than they did about "Hillery for pres"

    I especially LOL at his last statement.

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    OK, first off, I'm a BIG Top Gear fan, have been for years.

    It is a VERY funny, well done show, I understand one of the VERY few left on the BBC. The main presenter, Jeremy, loves to take it to you Yanks, he really does seem to have a mild dislike for so many things American (but he bought a Ford GT40 when they came out).

    Like I said, the show is very well done, but a LOT of it is staged, I have no doubt in my mind that that scene at the gas stand was staged, if not, it would have made the news, "BBC film crew attacked" as they have plenty of footage and the location etc.

    Still, it is very entertaining.

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    Hey, I live there and I know that lady.

    Glad to see they are helping to keep our reputation up. So take the hint guys. Stay up North!
    Just wish they had shown the Outhouse behind the Betty's station.

    Redneck as they come
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    Thought of something else.

    Have you seen that AFV (America's Favorite Video) where the guy throws rocks at the hornet nest???

    Oh and on the other hand where is the one where they paint pro-Bush and Iraq war and drive down the streets of BERKLEY CA? You bet the response would have been the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stuart Ablett View Post
    The main presenter, Jeremy, loves to take it to you Yanks...
    I wouldn't mind seeing Clarkson take a rock or a rotten tomato on the dome. I watch the show regularly too and he really is a smug SOB.

    And I'd like to hold James May down and CUT HIS FREAKING HAIR. Time to let go of the 80's, Jimmy Boy!

    But the cars are great
    All the best,
    Ian G

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