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Thread: Woodmaster loads of potential

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    Woodmaster loads of potential

    I aint in the market for one but got a very large poster size brochure in the mail from Woodmaster yesterday
    Well i knew these guys made drum sanders but i what i did not know that they also use the same basic unit to make a thickness planer and molder.

    They even have a spiral cutter cutting head for it.

    Seeing some discussion among us about the merits of bigger planer etc i thought some might like to know. Here is a multi purpose machine that starts at 12 inch width and goes to 25 inch width.

    Take look here i know there are members here with these as sanders dont know what the add ons perform like but would on the face of it seem like another shop space saver.

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    I need to go down and check them out, I guess they are made here in KC.

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    Ask Larry. He's got one
    I've been searching CL for one. Even used they are big bucks
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