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Thread: Some California Mesquite

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    Some California Mesquite

    Some friends of mine about 1 1/2 hours southeast of here lost a big mesquite in the storms we had in SoCal last December. I stopped by and picked some up on my way back home from NM earlier this month. (I actually stopped by their tree trimmer's place. He'd stockpiled it in his woodlot, planning to sell it as firewood once it's dried.) I could only fit three chunks (80 pounds or so each) in my loaded SUV, but I'm planning to get back down there with the pickup before too long and get a real haul. There were some BIG chunks in the pile. This stuff was still sloppy wet, and nice to turn. I turned these all to finished thickness, then let them dry a couple weeks. They didn't move much, although the flatter bowls warped a bit.

    All these are finished with Formby's Tung Oil Finish and buffed with PL compound, with Renaissance wax over that.

    10" x 2 3/4", with a burned and beveled rim:

    10" x 2", with a dyed rim:

    8 1/4" x 3 1/4, with a boring rim:

    5 3/4" x 5 1/2", about 1/8" thick walls:

    When I go back to the woodlot, I plan to take a pickup load of oak to give to the guy for his firewood stash. It's dried and cracked too much for me to use, and it should help make up for some of the lost potential income the guy would be getting from the mesquite. (The wood guy is a good friend of my friends through their church, so he had no qualms about me taking some of the wood. The oak will be a bonus for him.)

    C & C welcome, as always.
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    All very cool Vaughn. Nicely done!

    I guess the whole mesquite scene must happen somewhat south of me. Turners in the local clubs will occasionally show-and-tell something made from mesquite, but it seems to be more rare than many imported woods. I don't know if that's because it's not an "exotic" or what, but you'd think it would show up more often around here.
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    All nice, but I really like the HF

    I've only turned it once, but boy did I like it!
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    As always outstanding! I agree with Stu i really like that HF.Some day i'm gonna have to find me some of that wood and give it a turn.

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    Beautiful as usual Vaughn
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    I will be right there to help you load some in my...uhhh....your truck. All winners, even the boring rim. I like the grain on the HF...very flowing kinda something.
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    Vaughn those are all beauties. I like what you did on the first bowl on the rim and the HF is really nice. I love turning mesquite.
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    All the pieces are beautiful and I liked the rim treatment on the bowls.
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    All look great Vaughn!
    I particularly like the HF.
    That Mesquite sure has some nice grain and coloring.
    Well done.

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    Beautiful Vaughn as usual
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