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Thread: Small segmented Box

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    Small segmented Box

    I am not much of a wood turner,Inever have much of a plan when I start a turning. I just look ariund at my wood supply and see what comes to mind.
    I found a few pieces of pine from a cabinet I had just finished,a piece of an old fence board that by the grain it was very old growth tree. Also some red cedar flooring and a small piece of maple and a small chunk of cocabola that Had been sitting around for ever. After a couple of days of cutting and glueing I came up with this small box for candy or nuts. I just like turning segmented pieces because of the pile of wooly looking shavings that are turned. Hardly any fine dust except for a little from sanding.Click image for larger version. 

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    Ron, that is one cute little box.
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    That's really nice, Ron. I love segmented stuff.
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    I agree with Mohammad. That's a great candy/nut dish.
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    Pretty cool Ron
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    Nice work Ron...where are the snacks??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Burr View Post
    Nice work Ron...where are the snacks??
    Pretty slim chance of it handling a banana, I guess....

    Nice job on the box Ron!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerry Burton View Post
    Pretty slim chance of it handling a banana, I guess....

    Nice job on the box Ron!
    Not if it's sliced...
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    Looks like a nice little lidded box! Well done!

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    Really nice looking piece.
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