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Thread: Awareness for Childhood Cancer

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    Awareness for Childhood Cancer

    A girl that my daughter knows died yesterday near here in Vancouver.

    Apparently she was something of a celebrity in western Canada.

    Here's an interview with her on YouTube and you can see her singing a song that she wrote and that was picked up by a major Canadian music producer.

    It's interesting, but sad, of course, as it is whenever a child dies.
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    Its sad any time a child dies because they haven't really had a chance to experience life. Just a statistic but did you know that 1 out of every 2 males ans 1 out of every 3 females will get cancer in there lifetime. It is the #1 leading killer in the world.'
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    Such a nasty disease and it is even worst when it happens to a child.
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    Awareness for Childhood Cancer

    Thanks Cynthia.

    What a girl. What a voice, so sad it is silenced.

    But be thankful for electronic voice recording and videos. Megan will live on, forever.
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