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Thread: Redoing the floors (and everything else!) in the house.

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    Redoing the floors (and everything else!) in the house.

    I pulled out the hardwood in one of my hallways where the flooring was laid parallel with the decking (car-decking). It was like walking on an ocean, all wavy and un-even. I would have had to sand it over 1/4" to get it flat.

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    Attachment 53655

    When I pulled all the wood, I decided to build a cold air return vent and put thresholds in all the doorways. I'll be building new casings and doors here later. (maybe sooner if my lovely wife brings up the subject of me having to sleep in the shop again...)

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    The wood is all installed and first sanding is done. I refinish wood floors as part of my business so I've got a big 8/10" belt sander (220v) and a 16 buffer/sander. Sure makes the job quick.

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    Well, I took a break from installing the hallway and my dog got too close to me while I had a marker in my hand.
    For some reason she didn't appreciate my artwork.


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    I love the dog pic. Floor's looking good, too.
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    Dog pic is great. Could be a runner for the calendar.

    Floors are coming along as well.
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    It's nice to make progress on the house. That dog picture is hilarious!

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    Love the floor *and* the dog.
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    Now, if your kids wrote on the dog they would be in trouble

    Good job on the floor
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    Good job on the floor. Not so good on the dog.
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    I like the floor but poor dog. He's going to be the laughing stock of the neighborhood for sure.

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    My poor dog, Rooke. I came home a couple months ago and the kids had gotten into their finger paint and she was covered from head to toe in every color hand print you can imagine.

    Oh, well. What you don't see in this picture is that my wife even put lipstick on Rooke after I drew on her. Unfortunately she licked it all off before I could take this picture.

    My poor spoiled puppy!


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