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Thread: Hello from Kansas

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    Hello from Kansas

    I registered on this forum over a year ago (I wanted to see the shop tour and project pictures). Since then, I have been a frequent reader, but I suppose I really should introduce myself and try to contribute.

    My name is Wayne (Ike) Eikenberry and I live in East Central Kansas. I ended up in Kansas from a small farm in Ohio by way of Muncie, IN, Charleston, IL, Cape Girardeau, MO, and Scottville, MI. I taught Industrial Arts/Technology Education for 32 years with 30 years at the local high school before taking early retirement in 2009. Now I am self-employed doing small remodeling/home repair/handyman jobs. I started this type of work with Dad as a teenager and continued on weekends and summers most of the years that I taught. My woodworking activities have usually been related to this work, although I have made some furniture and tried doing a little turning.

    My shop is part of an unfinished, unheated one-car garage and is a work in progress. I dream of insulation and taking the edge off of Kansas temperature extremes!

    Even though I have lived in town since leaving home, I keep connected to my farm roots with a small collection of antique tractors.

    Probably more than you really wanted to know,

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    Welcome out of lurker status Ike Look forward to you being a part of FWW

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    Welcome Ike, now break out that camera and show off a bit.
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    Hello Ike.
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    Hi Ike, nice to meet you. Greetings from Vancouver Island where it's sunny today! I don't suppose you'd like to get in on the BOX SWAP?

    AKA Young Grasshopper Woodworker
    AKA The Rookie

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    Hi Ike form an old Kansas farm boy now transplanted to SW MO
    A Turn N Time
    Components for John Smith Organs and the Hobby Organ Builder

    Frog Pond Guitars

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    Welcome Ike....great bunch of folks here

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    Welcome Ike
    Faith, Hope & Charity

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    welcome out of the closet and into the family Ike!!!

    I have a mind like a steel trap....
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    Hey Ike welcome to the family. Don't be shy about them pics.

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