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Thread: GOOD NEWS!!!!!! RE: the Paslode nails deal........

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    GOOD NEWS!!!!!! RE: the Paslode nails deal........

    I just received my first box of nails from the Big Brown truck and they are ROUND HEAD!!!!

    I realize that the Amazon listing reads clipped head however the description reads full head. The box that I received has a sticker on it stating that the full (round) head is a replacement for the clipped head.

    So.......order up and enjoy!!!

    Greg, you shouldn't have to worry about returning the nails that you bought. Oh happy days............

    They are still currently for sale at the $15.84 per box price.

    (Now if only Amazon would put the Galvies on sale at this price!!! )
    Thanks, Mark.

    Custom Bonehead.

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    Good news, Mark. I was gonna tell the guys at the receiving dock where I had them delivered to refuse...but I held off thinking ....maybe. Glad I did! I won't get to them till Wed, so I'll let you know then.

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