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  • Yes I would change

    6 13.64%
  • I would change to epoxy covered floor

    2 4.55%
  • I would change to wooden or wood covered floor

    26 59.09%
  • No I am happy

    5 11.36%
  • I have a wooden floor

    4 9.09%
  • I have a expoxy covered floor

    4 9.09%
  • I have a concrete floor

    18 40.91%
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Thread: Wooden floors in a shop, to be or not to be?

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    Wooden floors in a shop, to be or not to be?

    So what say the Brain trust here. If you had your choice or could do it all again as far as your shop is concerned how would you finish your floor?

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    I'd go with a epoxy floor in the car area of my shop and wood on the woodshop side, but epoxy would be nice in both, make both easy to clean up. I have a textured/brushed concrete today and vacuuming is the only way to really get it cleaned up.

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    I love my wooden floor! The center aisle/area of my shop is wood floor covered with a wide rubber belt. The belting can get slippery when wet, more reason to never wash the floor. My back and legs know the difference of standing at a lathe at school on concrete and at home on wood.

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    When I build my new shop I am going to have wood floors. My question is what flavor of wood have people used and how is it holding up for ya????
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    If your definition of a hand tool is a hammer or wrench, then concrete or epoxy is fine, but if you have hand planes and chisels you want them to be surrounded by a sea of wood.

    Besides the obvious benefit to the tools and your personal comfort, there is something aesthetically pleasing about wood floors. I think you have to be a gear head to feel the same about concrete.
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    I had planned to epoxy the floor before moving in. The previous owners were slow to get out and I had to move in a rush. Almost 6 years later; no epoxy and probably never will be. Wood floors would be a luxury and preferred but, with my region and home foundation style the benefit wouldn't pay off the effort to achieve.
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    My shop has tiled floor, that shines without effort because the wood dust keeps it clean when I broom it.

    If I had the chance I think that I would appreciate having a wooden floor for its insulation properties, but that can be achieved in many different ways so
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    Wood is so much easier on the feet and the tools. I have epoxy floors, and have to say after 8 years they still look good but the smooth finish makes it impossible to keep clean. I can sweep my shop and the static from the broom instantly attracts a fine layer of dust. With all my cast iron table tops I am unwilling to use a damp mop, which is what it would take to keep it perfectly clean.

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    I have an ugly bumpy non-level concrete floor, I have mats on it to ease the hardness, but it still gets to me after a few hours. One of my planned projects this year is to fix this, and put in a wooden floor
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    If I had a choice I would have both because I do like driving inside with car or a boat trailer or tractor or whatever to work on it. But I would love to have wooden floors for most of the shop. I have a daylight basement and I love it! Wood floors were just not an option or I would have had them. No real complaints on the concrete other than hard on the feet.
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