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Thread: Bathroom remodel thread

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    Bathroom remodel thread

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    Not sure if you have picked out the tub yet, but when we designed ours, we opted for a tub with a 4" ledge on the back wall. Made a real difference in the room available during a shower. One of the better decisions we've made. We used a Kohler unit. The picture is from their site.

    Just food for thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Dunlap View Post

    Here's the access to the underside of the tub so I can do maintenance on the motor.
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    Looks like quite a project, Matt. I'm doing remodels too, but not nearly as much carpentry work as you.

    Did you switch and decide to go with the jet tub? I see your pic with the motor and access comment....

    What did you end up doing with the vac unit?

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    I'd forgotten all about this one Matt. 'Bout time you got things done in there. We'll be looking forward to the pics of the whole thing finished.
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    Tired for sure, but things are really moving now! Looking good Matt!

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