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    Handy Andy

    How many of you had a Handy Andy tool set when you were growing up? Good chance that some of you had them. They were sold from the 50's all the way up through the 70's

    I was digging through some boxes yesterday and came across the hammer from my old set. Went out today and found a set just like the one I had growing up...ironically it was missing the hammer...coincidence?

    Also, came across a good blog about a guy that started collecting the Handy Andy sets....
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    When I was 6 or 7 years old, I saved up cereal boxtops and some allowance money and bought a similar tool kit, although I don't think it was the Handy Andy brand. When the tools arrived, my dad looked at them with disgust, because they were more like cheap toys instead of real tools. He insisted that I return the tool set for a refund, then the next Saturday he took me to Sears and equipped me with my very own set of Craftsman tools. I still have most of them, although some were lost when a toolbox was stolen from me years ago.

    That said, I think it's cool you've got your set back together.
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    Yeah. I thought it would be cool to have a set around for the nephews to bang around with this summer.

    To a small child, the perfect granddad is unafraid of big dogs and fierce storms but absolutely terrified of the word “boo.” – Robert Brault

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    Had one just like it when I was a kid. The only thing that didn't work well was the saw. No set on the teeth if I remember right. I sure loved it though.
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    they have some pretty good value darren yu might want to insure it
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    That is so neat Darren. Hey i would plan on putting them on show in my shop if i were you. Do as i did a few years ago, if you want to get the nephews something to bang about with.

    Help them make a wooden tool tote like the ones with the broom handle cross the top. Then get them $10 worth of tools at the local dollar store.

    Did this for a bunch of cubs in the local Scouts outfit. They all enjoyed it so much. Some were so proud of their tool boxes and toolkits.

    Your find also reminded me of a kit i was given. Like Bob said the saw in mine was a junker. But there was one thing that was handy and that was a drill which was a spiral rod onto which a round cotton reel like piece of wood was placed. Had a small collet style vice at the end and a round knob for the top. Came with very small drills an it actually worked.
    Kind of like a spiral pin vice.
    I always wondered what happened to it. Then when i was getting set to leave SA and my Dad told me to come and get his tools guess what in one of the draws i found my drill of old. So its the only piece i have of the set and its still functional and got the drill bit.

    Thanks for the post great memory jerk.

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