I figured one of the things that might deter a person in the shop building scenario is percieved cost.

If you aint in the building line and have a handle on the cost of things, then the imagination can run wild when you see what guys put up.

I think one needs to consider the pros and cons of a shop in your yard and how you approach it.

Regardless of the municipal regs examine this purely from a property value point of view.

You are adding an outbuilding and done correctly it will add rather than detract from your property.

So doing it right is not a waste of money.

Think on this. You never can say i am staying here forever. Things change.

So what happens and how does another person percieve your shop.

If done properly and reasonable distance from the house it could be seen as a building for a variety of uses

1) Entertainment such as being converted to a pool cabana.
2) Home office or small business storage
3) Another guys workshop
4) An artists studio
5) A kids playroom.

Thing is where to draw the line and how to do it within a budget.

Well i thought this link might help some with some ballpark numbers.

This is a Canadian company but they the best guys i could find. They aint close to my place so i had to seek them out, but these guys are pros, very nice people and reliable to the last detail. More important they honorable which is hard to find these days.

They have built numerous shops for guys and when i called they arranged a meeting for me with one of their clients that had just finished his shop. I had a million questions, but they drove out to his place with me, introduced me and left me to it. He was like me a real happy camper.

What i also liked is the way they disclose their pricing. So i thought i would post a link to it here so guys can get a feel for what the size and features cost up here in Toronto area and at least have a starting point.

Some of you in the "trade" might have views on wether this is high or low but one has to start somewhere. I found them to be very very competitive and when i added the experience well then they became cheap for the value they offered. And they did not mind all the questions and the numerous visits etc that go with a purchase of this kind. Not often one gets to sing the praises of a small business but these guys deserve success.

Another point is these are standard configs but they will pretty much do anything. They aint sticky about window placement or stub up in concrete pad or like i wanted insulation around my pad. They understand customer service.