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    Razor Handles

    A while back, I remember seeing posts where fellows were turning Corian handles for Razors.

    As I am experiencing great difficulty performing that daily task, due to the combination of ALS & RA, Last couple of times I thought of this whilst struggling to scrape hair & leave skin intact.

    What if these turners would provide a much needed service by enlarging the handle to make something fellows such as I can get a grip on.

    Skinny handles turn easily in hands with little or no gripping power, Thumbs that don't work, cannot grip those small handles. Small handles offer little aide in controling the device.

    Longer, beefier, ergonomicly designed handles would make our tasks so much easier.

    Is there a market? sure, check your local ALS support office and see what they say, or check the ALS on the internet

    Pharmacys that deal with handicapped equipment, and such will most likely stock your wares.


    Contact your local and ask their help to design the perfect shape...

    Community service, etc. Also, If you perfect the design, a copyright could be applied for, etc. who knows, you may become rich & famous...

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    Great suggestions, Bill. Do you have any recommendations for the diameter and length of the handles? I suspect the potential market would also include folks with arthritis and other mobility issues as well.
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    possibly tooth brush handles as well now that bill brought it up// there may well be many items that could be made specifically for the afflicted folk..sounds like a usefull niche to me
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    Tooth brush kits?

    Are there tooth brush kits out there?

    If you're looking for the lowest price wood on the web,

    Specializing in wood under 3/4"...but we have some thicker stuff too.

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