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Thread: Cigar Longwood

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    Cigar Longwood

    Double Twist Ballpoint dressed up with a nice piece of Figured Maple.

    Glued in Cap tube and turned between centers.
    Machined off the Twist Holder Flange and put together the Nib Assembly.
    Pressed in Cap Assembly.
    Installed Nib Assembly.

    Twisting the nib clock-wise or counter clock-wise retracts the refill tip.
    Unscrew the nib counter clock-wise or pull out the nib assembly to access the refill.

    Sanded barrel to 400x, buffed with Super Fine Steel Wool and applied 6 coats of MINWAX Clear Gloss Polyurethane.

    No polishing or buffing required using the MINWAX Poly.


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    Les, another sweet one. You really do outstanding work.

    The only thing about the one piece pens, is it seems to me they would be a little awkward to use as far as extending and retracting the refill. Having to just turn the nib. I've been thinking about trying one and leaving about one inch if the wood attached to the nib so there is more to hold to twist. This would leave a slight seam about 1 inch up on the blank but I don't think it would look bad. Just my thought and something I want to try one of these days, if I ever get back to pen making.
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    What a beautiful pen.
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    Now that's a good looking pen... I like the cigar and your modification is perfect.
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    Another lovely pen! I wish I had the know-how to do these modifications. I love the feel of a cigar pen, but I like the look of uninterrupted wood you get with this mod. Well done, sir.

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    Beautiful pen Les.
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    That's a beefy pen Les...that finish is looking great!
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    Very nice Les. Another hit.

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    That's another pretty one, Les. These longwood pens really do show off the wood nicely.
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    [QUOTE=David E Keller;264995]Another lovely pen!
    I wish I had the know-how to do these modifications.
    Hi David; Easy, peasy! Here's a link to a tutorial written by the man who first piqued my interest in one-piece pens.

    And here's a tut for modifying slimlines!
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