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Thread: AHHHH!! I lost another one! Those darn aerosol straws.

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    AHHHH!! I lost another one! Those darn aerosol straws.

    Does anyone know where you can buy those little red straws for the aerosol cans? I can't seem to keep them with the can and once they get loose, they must head for the boarder or something.

    Even if you don't know where to get them, what do you do to keep the straw with the can? If I leave it in the nozzle they inevitably get bumped and fall out. If I tape them to the can, well, the tape gets oily and lets the straw fall out. Maybe it's just me, but there's got to be a better way!


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    put a rubber band on the can and keep the straw under it.
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    I've got a little jar where I keep the straws after I throw away an empty can. Now lets see, where did I put that jar last time I used it...

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    Do those coffee stirrers work?

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    AHHHH!! I lost another one! Those darn aerosol straws.

    Brian, do some checking, maybe try Lee Valley, there is a product that hold the little tubes to the can, on or off the nozzel. I got a couple, but I forget where they came from. Lee Valley may have them listed either in woodworking tools or gardening stuff.

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    I got a couple of those rubber keeper thingys but results are less than desirable. They break and come off and also get lost. Keep yer old straws.
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    ya go to the 99 cent store, and buy a pack of plastic clothes pins.
    then ya put a few finishing nails somewhere, and clip all these little things that you lose all the time that have no place to store, clip them into a clothespin and hang them up, theyll always be around.

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    Epoxy the straw to the side of the can. Won't lose it that way.
    Or....maybe, I'm just 'losing it'.

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    I try to buy only these kind of cans these days, as I have lost too many of the "red straws"

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    +1 on the rubber bands

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