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Thread: Good Deal on Rigid Belt Sander

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    Good Deal on Rigid Belt Sander

    CPO has a Ridgid R2720 10 Amp 3-in X 21-in Heavy Duty Variable Speed Belt Sander for $119.99. The Home Depot price for the same item is $40.00 higher.
    I believe the sander is reconditioned, but their website is less than clear.

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    Looks like a good price.

    My PC 3x24 is close to if not the least used tool in my shop. I'm not sure why I find so few uses for it lately
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    That's worth knowing. I think I will hold off.

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    I don't use mine a whole lot, If ya can get ahold of a couple a planes you may never need one.
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    Home depot did have that belt sander for $120 in the store for a while. It might be off sale now, not sure. I came close to buying it, but I've never used a belt sander, never even borrowed my dads. It was one of the rare times I didn't give into my tool habbit

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