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Thread: Indoor/outdoor thermometer

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    Indoor/outdoor thermometer

    Just got a Radio Controlled Clock with indoor/outdoor thermometer from Klockit a few weeks ago. Real nice li'l critter, auto time correction from Colorado station,solar powered remote sensor facing west for good reception. But ....the doggone outdoor thermometer must be fouled up. Only one number on it seems to be working and that's the number 1 to boot!!!

    At least it's +1 not -1. Wind chill is -25 right now. Happy to say we missed most of the snow, only about 6". I'm thinkin' about all you folks east of me and hope you get thru this one without too much grief.

    The groundhog in PA. didn't see his shadow, so spring is near. That beggar better be right or he'll be Ground Hog!!
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    [QUOTE=Roger Newby;265057]
    he'll be Ground Hog!!
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