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    So about a month ago, I was feeling sicker than a dog...couple of clinic visits and then my regular MD all to find pneumonia and Valley Fever. So now I'm on disability for 4 months. I'm now told the CT showed a lesion in my right lymphatic involvement. This is the best possible news, but we still have to find out what it is, so off to the Pulmonoligst (both of whom I work is our Director of Medicine) on Monday to get the lab rat treatment. Being on disability, funds aren't flowing like they were and we missed 1...only 1 house payment. BofA said to bad, so sad and started foreclosure proceedings. This was kind of a bummer because we really liked our house. So last week, my wife and her BFF were chatting on the phone. Paula was relocated to Glendale is So Cal and couldn't afford the house down there and up here so they were going to walk away from this one up here. My wife said "why don't we just transfer the grant deed and take it over from you guys". We are in the process of moving into our new house as we speak. Good own shop!! and a pool!! Fresno summers are the stuff of legend. Bad news...I really like our neighbors and the area we live in now. Oh well...beat being homeless! So that's why I've been on no moving around and haven't posted anything in a while...everything is packed! Life is full of blessings no matter where you look!

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    Should have looked into it a bit deeper Jim BOA has been messing up a bunch lately. Things like foreclosing on homes that no payment has been missed and not having the paper work to back up the foreclosure.
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    Jim, wow, get better soon, BOA stinks all right, but sounds like there was a greater purpose working.

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