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Thread: Chocolate glorius Chocolate.....

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    Chocolate glorius Chocolate.....

    Chocolate glorius Chocolate ......... to the

    melody of "Food glorius food" from

    the movie Oliver twist.

    Check it out here. Larry this ones for you.

    Only $20 000 a piece and up.

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    SWEET but they need to find buyers..and at 20 grand plus they are gonna be looking for long time around my parts.. but working in mill like that would be a heavenly job just to see the wood come off but maybe it would become old hat but in the wood cuttin i have done so far it hasnt gotten old
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    Man, those slabs would make a big guitar. Pretty stuff for sure.
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    If there was such a thing as a Drool Scale, this would rank very high. Pictures never really do justice to an object of extraordinary beauty.

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    There's probably still time to get some of that for the BOX SWAP!!
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