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Thread: Birthday Gift for my Daughter

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    Birthday Gift for my Daughter


    I made a flip open box for my daughters birthday. I saw a similar design somewhere and decided to try to build one. I should have paid a little more attention to the original

    It's made of some Ash I got from Allen last spring. I resawed the Ash down to a proper thickness and started building. This is where the planning would have saved me some hassles.

    The corners are mitered but were supposed to be butt jointed and the flip tops were supposed to be full width. The butt joint idea went out the window when I cut the dado for the bottom and neglected to "stop" the dado before the end of the board. The end of the groove would show if I used a butt joint so it became a miter.

    I was worried about a tiny triangle splitting when I drilled for the hinge pins so I made the sides inset. I spent a bunch of time/effort getting everything to fit (as well as it does).

    The hinge pins are 1/8-th inch dowels - they are small and delicate. One broke during finishing and I had to drill out out and replace.

    The handles are some mahogany and are pinned with the same 1/8-th inch dowels for strength.

    My daughter likes zebra's so we saw some zebra felt and used it for the bottom pad.

    She likes it and was happy.



    PS: The tops flip open 180 degrees so the are parallel to the bottom - I had them straight up for the picture.
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    That is really special Jim. Pretty box and love the zebra fabric.
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    whoa dude, you still have wood left over from last year?(I still saving that pile of ash since it was so white and clear)

    Im waiting on him to get a boatload of quality mahogany. Ill let you know when the boat comes in if you want in on any of it.

    Nice gift box, its good to see you doing some woodworking during the cold days.

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    Jim, it sounds like you overcame you design challenges

    That is a lovely box, I think you daughter will be pleased!
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    You gig a great job on the box, Jim. Your daughter is sure to love it.
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    Nice job on the box Jim. Pretty cool design as well
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    nice box jim, how did yu hinge the lids? got an idea for a box that could use the dual lids..
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    Pretty, she will love. And, best of all, Daddy made it.
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