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Thread: Remodeling is easy?

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    Remodeling is easy?

    Last December I mentioned to my 19 year old son, who was home on break, that I was going to gut our former laundry room and turn it into a bathroom. I was gone for a bit and came home to a mess where he had begun the destruct. (Lathe and plaster) SO between him and a couple of little brother helpers they managed to gut the room down to the studs. All very good for me.

    Things sure get complicated. First I notice that the load bearing wall is a cobbled up mess with studs missing or overlapped sister style. No insulation anywhere and now I know why the kitchen and that room are so cold. So I buy some insulation and then realize that I need to blow in insulation between the ceiling joices over the kitchen since they are exposed. Then I notice some tar paper in a corner near the ceiling. Pushed it inward and i can see the attic space over the back porch and other bathroom. No insulation there also and that explains why the other bath and back porch are so cold. I then remember that when I re-did the roof many years ago that there was not much insulation in the upper story attic. So I decide to blow 16 inches into that also , but now I have to cut an access hole in the boys room ceiling into the attic so I can get into that. Of course I have to pull down the drop ceiling in their room, which they have managed to wreck by kicking it when they are laying in their bunk beds.

    The wife talked me into buying a whirlpool tub for the new bath and now I have to cut an access hole for the pump in the wall between the bath and the back porch. This is the only way I can fit it in the room.

    I have always heard that the bathroom is the second most expensive room to remodel in a house after the kitchen.........That's next on the list.

    I'm getting a little gun shy. Been fighting myself. All I want to do is go hide somewhere.

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    Remodeling is easy?
    Only on T.V. They take a wrecking ball to the whole shack, break for commercial and come back to a mansion.
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    Paul, just think of the masterpiece you're creating....and how warm and toasty the place will be when you're done. In my former house I waited 20 years to add insulation where I knew it needed it (right before I sold it) and it made a huge difference. I wished I had done it sooner......
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    good luck paul,, hey you could ask steve ash to give yu a hand, he is right in your back yard..
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    Every DIY Home Improvement project I've ever tackled has become a classic case of dominoes. One thing leads right to another!

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    Quote Originally Posted by larry merlau View Post
    good luck paul,, hey you could ask steve ash to give yu a hand, he is right in your back yard..
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    Remodeling is easy?

    I remodeled one house and I have built two. Now you know why I have only remodeled one!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent Dowell View Post
    Every DIY Home Improvement project I've ever tackled has become a classic case of dominoes. One thing leads right to another!
    That's the truth. Seems like if you replace a light bulb it turns into a $300 project before you're done. I always cringe when LOML starts bringing home those little cards of paint samples.

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