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Thread: New "Wanna Be" WW er

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    New "Wanna Be" WW er

    Hey there from Texas. Thanks for the great tips and pics! I figured I should jump in with both feet because I have ALOT to learn. I LOVE doing projects but I dont have super skills or knowledge so I am excited to lean from yall. My latest projects have been a dining room table w 2 benches and a treehouse / fort for my kids. (The benches weren't done yet in the pics and Ive done a bit more on the treehouse as well) I learned a ton just from doing them, and learned alot of things I would do different next time for sure . I attached the pics. Look forward to some good conversation!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Treehousesmall.jpg   dining table complete small pic.jpg  

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    Welcome to the family Jeffery!

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    Nice Treefort!!!

    Welcome aboard!!

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    Man, I never had a treehouse that nice when I was a kid. Looks great Jeffery.

    Welcome to the forum, and don't hesitate to ask questions or offer suggestions. You may be a beginning woodworker, but there are probably other subjects you know more about than many of us.
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    Yea, I think my kids are spoiled with their treefort. I definitely didnt have anything like that either!! My kids are pretty young and I just wanted to do something that wouldn't be obsolete in a few years. It was fun.

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    Welcome Jeffery.

    Wow! that treehouse is almost as big as my first apartment.
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    Welcome Jeffery
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffery dean View Post
    I LOVE doing projects but I dont have super skills or knowledge so I am excited to lean from yall.
    I tend to disagree with you Jeffery you sure look like you have some good skills to me Welcome

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    welcome jeff.. and hey drop your location in your profile so when i come threw in month or so i can find your place for a cup of coffee

    nice table and the tree house is sweet, makes me want to be a kid again
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    Greetings from Vancouver Island, JD.

    Welcome! You look like you've got plenty of skills. Nice looking table, and I love the treehouse. Would you consider adopting me?

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