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Thread: Finally got some GOOD news for a change!

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    Thumbs up Finally got some GOOD news for a change!

    Hi folks!

    After what was pretty much a disastrous week, I finally got some GOOD news this morning. Here's a brief overview of my week...

    Sunday afternoon my wife walks in and says "my car is running really rough and the service engine light came on". Great, that's just what I need now. I'm in debt enough already with deductibles on my shoulder surgery from November and now the car needs work. I took my OBDII reader out there and plugged it in. It came back telling me that there was a misfire in the #3 cylinder. Well I guess it's time to take it in. I'll make this short and cut to the chase. It needs about $2K worth of work!! This car is nine years old and has 96K miles on it. I don't have $2K to throw at it. Even if I did, it's not worth putting into a car of that age and mileage. The last Saturn we had nickled and dimed us almost to death. That one started at an earlier age than this one. Although I really didn't relish the thought of car payments again, I knew it was time. We haven't had a car payment in about five years and it's been great. Long story short, we went last night and made a deal to lease a 2011 Chevy Cruze. Only $510 down and $203/mo. for 39 months. It's a pretty nice car for the money. So that takes care of the sucky part of the week. (Monday thru Thursday)

    This morning I went back to my surgeon for another post-op evaluation. He's extremely happy with my recovery in just 2-1/2 months. He says he's amazed that I'm back to where I am in such a short period of time. I had a pretty serious shoulder injury and I started back to work a couple weeks ago. I'm not 100% yet but it's getting better much faster than anticipated. So he told me this morning that unless any other problems crop up, that I don't need to see him again. This is great news. I've only got one more PT appointment next week and that will probably be a "discharge visit". This is extremely good news at this point seeing that bills have been tough enough lately and now I've got a $200 car payment to make for three more years.

    Oh well, overall I'd say that it's a pretty good end to a LOUSY week!

    Have a great weekend folks!

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    Things are looking up for you; I'm glad it had a happy ending....good vibes headed your way for some more luck.
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    hope the new ride works out well for you john!! and that the work starts to roll in again as well
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    Things are looking up
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